Coverse Assistant

To care for the Coverse garden

12 October, 2022

1. Overview

Titel: Coverse Assistant

Subtitle: To care for the Coverse garden.

Topics: Internet research, mailings, social media, invitations, onboarding.

Vacancy type: Volunteer

Location: Berlin

Remote work possible: Yes

Hours per week: As you wish

ValuPort: Vx

2. Description

You will be working in a team helping to grow the Coverse.

Your focus is to find partners who want to be part of the Coverse and to integrate them.

Your activities will include:

  • Finding partners by doing internet research
  • Contacting the partners
  • Onboarding
  • Integrating the partners.

Of providing great customer service.

3. Your Mission

To help grow the Coverse as a garden of abundance - both for partners and users - within the atlantis° ecosystem.

4. Your qualifications

  • Your know how to use the internet, to look up things, to communicate.
  • You like interacting with people.
  • You are interested in spirituality, open to alternative living and health care.
  • You are willing to learn new tools, new ways of doing things.
  • Speaking another language than English is a bonus.

5. Your team

You will belong to a team spread across the globe. The main communication language is English.

6. Work place

  • Remote work is possible.
  • You will be using your own PC for work.
  • In office work is possible. See the location above for where the office is.

7. Open to

  • This job is open to people who are looking for opportunities in another industrial sector.
  • For mothers who want to get back into a job.

What we offer


  • On the job training.
  • References for later jobs.
  • Free access to learning materials.


  • Of being an atlantis° pioneer.
  • The possibility of creating something new in your country.
  • Of extending your network of contacts.


  • Of making an impact on humanity - of fostering long term change.
  • Of creating a better world around you and for your children.

About the enterprises


coWorld is a service provider for the atlantis° Initiative. Its focus is on fostering the ecosystem by providing central services, seeding new services and the integration of partners.


See Coverse.


See atlantis°.