Join us and help us shape the future

12 October, 2022

We needs your support. Donate some of your time, be part of the team and help us change the world.

Part or full time.

We offer learning on the job, remote working.


No remuneration can be offered at the present time.

All jobs are for volunteers only.

So please do not waste your and our time in sending us any job applications.

So who is this for?

  • For people who have taken a couple of months off (sabbatical) and want to do something different.
  • For companies who are showing social responsibility and are allowing their workers to work on Silva.
  • For women/men who have been looking after their children and want to get back into a job.

Community Manager

Helping to build the atlantis° community around the world.

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Coverse Assistant

Helping to grow the world wide Coverse as a garden of abundance.

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Media Assistant

Helping to care for the media within the Coverse ecosystem.

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Sponsor Manager

Helping to build the atlantis° sponsoring ecosystem around the world.

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